When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, DECK TECH AUSTRALIA has produced decking boards which needs less of your time to clean and maintain your outdoor living areas for seasons to come. There are few simple ways to identify the cause of damange and to refresh your deck to maintain luxury looks that it deserves.

1. SCRATCHING ISSUES: Our products are highly scratch resistance than any other composite decking, However like any surfaces even concrete will get scratch if done deliberately. We recommend not do the following to avoid scratching.
2. Dragging heavy materials like furniture with or without a Sharpe edge.
3. Skateboard.
4. Play indoor game on the deck using steel cap.
5. Dancing with pointy heels.
6. Using knife on the deck.
7. Please don’t make pot plants sit directly on the decking boards raise them as you may get stain marks from overflew.
8. Please don’t use a shovel or rek made out of Iron to remove snow or any other materials from the deck.
9. For cleaning your deck please use high pressure washer with a wide fan tip and only a pressure between 1400 -1600 PSI and at a distance of 40-60cm above the deck.
10. Use of mild detergent will help cleaning the deck please don’t use chemicals like Bleach, CLR, Aceton,Paint remover, Methylated spirit etc.
11. If debris does not get removed quickly then there will be possibility of staining, mould or mildew from foaming.
12. If concrete or brickwork has to be done on top of the Deck: Please cover the deck with strong builder’s film or thick black plastic.
13. Oil, grease, Food, Sause, Oil, red wine, beers or any other similar materials must remove from the surface within reasonable time frame to maintain the 25- Year limited Stain Warranty.
14. The Deck will carry more temp in summer than a natural timber deck.


SOIL AND DEBRIS The affected area should be sprayed off with a hose to remove surface debris. Use warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove soil and debris from the embossing pattern.
CHALK LINES High permanence chalk lines may discolour the surface. Use Water or detergent to clean it up.
TANNINS DUE TO DEBRIS Remove all debris from deck using a hose or broom. Once the deck surface is dry, apply a "deck brightener" to the deck as directed by the manufacturer. Deck brighteners contain oxalic acid, which will remove tannins.
ICE AND SNOW A plastic shovel may be used to remove snow from the deck. Use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt the snow and ice from the deck surface.
OIL/GREASE/FOOD All food spills should be removed as soon as possible. The surface must be cleaned within seven days to maintain the stain warranty. To remove, spray off with a hose and use warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove spills from embossing pattern.
MOULD AND MILDEW If debris, such as pollen and soil, is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mould can feed on the biofilm. Using a hose and warm, soapy water with a soft bristle brush is recommended to remove the food source and mould.
USING A PRESSURE WASHER A pressure washer with no greater than 1800 psi***** that has a fan attachment/adjustment and soap dispenser may be used to remove soil, concrete dust, or other types of construction soil. Spray deck with soap, then follow by gently scrubbing each deck board with a soft bristle brush. Spray/rinse each individual deck board using fan tip no closer than 40-60cm from the decking surface. RINSE THOROUGHLY. If dirty water from cleaning is left to dry, this will cause a film to remain on the decking surface.