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Deck Tech Australia has been a true pioneer in composite decking since 2010.
We manufacture and source composite decking of utilising environmentally-friendly and sustainable sources of raw materials. Environmental impact is a major factor in all our sourcing decisions. We love our earth and we would never dream of damaging it simply for profit – especially when our research has shown us there is a better way.


We started life as an independent Construction company, and evolved in recent years, into ‘Deck Tech Australia’, as we moved into designing and coordinating the manufacture, installation, sales and supply of decking for commercial and domestic projects.

Currently situated in Malaga, Western Australia. Deck Tech Australia have helped create ‘decking wonders’ for local builders and architects through its experience and creation of innovative building solutions.
Our commitment and drive for quality is made evident by our rich history of growth. Our rise to prominence in the decking industry in Perth serves as a testament to the satisfaction we provide to customers and to our high standard of building principles and products. Our move to manufacture our own product range began some years ago in response to what we saw as lack lustre offerings and the opportunity for innovation.
Today, you need look no further than Deck Tech Australia’s ‘Expression’ Composite Decking and our unique ’EverGrain’, 4th Generation range of Rubber-Enhanced decking.
We now distribute our products across Australia through some of the country’s most p[prestigious distributors and decking professionals. Innovation – Unique – Modern - This is Deck Tech Australia!

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The stunning ‘Expression’ Composite decking, and the exciting ‘EverGrain’ runner enhanced Gen 4 Decking We provide the full solution. Boards, Railings, Clips/Fasteners, and all other hardware are available for each line. Several wood tones and grey colours are available in each product line. Decking boards are hollow/vented extruded planks that are attached with hidden fasteners and with ends covered by caps. This is a lighter-weight product than the other solid, compression-moulded decking offered by several other companies. Strong and easy to install. In addition, our new 4 Gen – ‘EverGrain’ boards will soon be available with a solid profile as well, as we commission our new manufacturing plant right here in Western Australia later this year.

All products include decking components, docks, porch products, and boardwalks. The decking boards use a hidden fastening system that eliminates face nails or screws. The decking carries a 25-year warranty. Decking boards in seven different "good-better-best" lines, with three to five different color/textures available in each line. The best product lines are solid planks, while the "good" product lines feature scalloped bottoms.


Strong Rubber coating 360 degree on the top with wood grain profile offers you a wide range of colours and that beautiful, natural look of timber decking without the need for any major maintenance. No more yearly oiling; no rotting timbers; no mould and no warping boards.

Boards Size:

Standard Size
138 x 23.5 x 5.4m long with 6 holes per plank. Hidden Plastic clips strong and secure - and best of all - no top fixings required what so ever.

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PVC Plastic coating 360 degree on the top with wood grain follow through offers you a wide range and look of timber decking without any major maintenance Boards are hollow planks but really rigid and strong.

138 x 23.5 x 5.4m long with 6 holes per plank. Plastic clips and best of all no top fixings required what so ever.